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I want to hear from you

I receive a lot of emails, many which are ‘cut & paste’ emails or messages sent in bulk. If you have strong feelings about a particular bill or issue, feel free to send an email, but personalize it with your own insights and observations. Seeing that a constituent has put time, energy and thought into their message resonates much more, at least with me.

Senator Jeff Barta

District 43


Senate Industry & Business Committee

Senate State & Local Government Committee – Vice Chair

Lottery Advisory Commission

How to Testify Before a North Dakota Legislative Committee

North Dakota has one of the most "open" legislatures in the nation. This brochure (PDF) is a guide to testifying before a legislative committee.

The North Dakota Legislative Assembly also allows remote and written testimony submissions. Please review How to Submit Bill Testimony (PDF) for online submission.

Legislative Information

Go to to find:

  • 2023 Legislative deadlines

  • Weekly hearing schedules and bill status information

  • The list of bills that NDLC is tracking

  • Information on critical hearings that need input

  • Maps to committee hearing rooms

  • Connection information for weekly legislative update virtual meetings

How to Contact a Legislator

During a legislative session, a legislator can be reached at the Capitol through email or by leaving a message with the legislative telephone message center at 1-888-NDLEGIS (635-3447) or 701-328-3373 (local). Legislators' email addresses are available online at

If you decide to contact a Legislator, please follow these guidelines:

  • Your purpose should be addressed in the subject line, the first paragraph or at the start of the phone call. Identify specifically what legislation you are addressing (ex. HB 1234 or SB 2345).

  • Be specific and include key information, using examples to support your position.

  • Address only one issue in each contact, keep your contact short and on topic.

Sources: The League of Cities newsletter and North Dakota Legislative Branch website.

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