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Education: Building a Culture of Excellence
K-12: Where the Foundation is Laid
  • We must instill value in the trades

  • Understand that college isn't for everyone

  • Provide a plan for everyone

  • Money isn't solving our performance issues

Higher Education: Build Relevant Programs for Our Students
  • Tailor our curriculum to our needs not wants

  • Retain our talented professors

My Approach
Economy: Building Our Own

5-10 Year Plan: Keep Grand Forks Affordable

  • Plan for affordable housing

  • Retain our youth

  • Fight out of control inflation

10-20 Year Plan: Develop & Modernize

  • Specialized programs for specialized jobs

  • Set trends don't chase them

  • Increase diversity and depth of economy

Healthcare: Success is Access
Mental Health: An Ounce of Prevention is a Pound of Cure
  • Hire more mental healthcare professionals

  • Integrate care with state programs, improving outcomes

Addiction Services: Treat People Closer to Home
  • Fight for local resources

  • Advocate for harm reduction policies

  • One opioid addiction clinic in our state is unacceptable

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